CREATIVE FACTORY -  Association for Cultural and Artistic Actions (POLAND): partner

The founders of the association are: culture animators, scientists, artists, and instructors. The aims of our association focus on any actions dealing with European integration, our local, and European voluntary services, contemporary dance, modern forms of theatre, education, and art therapy.
We put an emphasis on developing creativity and inspiring people to their autonomic activities in the European Artistic Projects. As far as Educational Projects are concerned, we set the aims on creative development, and a personal development in dance, and theatre.  We divide the target groups into: children, youth, and adults. Our concern deals also with people who are socially excluded.
We cooperate with cultural institutions of our city (Art Gallery, library, Theatre, Cultural Center) and non governmental organizations. We occupy ourselves with adults informal education and artistic personal progress through culture and art (dance, theatre workshops, discussions about literature, meetings). We also organize projects for women and about genders problems.
With this project we want to broaden the European context of our association, gain new abilities in cultural education of adults, and mobilize institutions and non-governmental organisations from our town to international cooperation in the area of adult education.