Musée-jardin Maurice Denis(FRANCE): partner

“Musée Jardin”  Maurice Denis, a department owned, non-profit structure open since 1980, is an important centre of our cultural heritage, sheltered in an ancient hospital built in the 17th century during Louis the XIV reign.
The museum displays an important collection of “Nabis  and symbolists” paintings, decorations and objects.
A pedagogic service of 11 artist-animators organizes lectures and workshops (painting, engraving, sculpture, writing) all over the year . These workshops are dedicated to :
• schools : about 15.000 pupils a year ;
• local structures for reinsertion of excluded or unemployed persons ;
• disabled or hospitalized individuals (art therapy) ;
• local people.
Special courses are set up for teachers.
This partnership is an opportunity to include the Museum in a European network sharing our present know-how, methodologies and pedagogies.