Friday, 22 June 2012


17th may 2012 – Culture Centre in Krotoszyce
Slide show of local and international works in HEFORE Project and Project info (Associations "Nasze Korotoszyce" and CREATIVE FACTORY).
„Wiedźma Agrypicha” ("Agrypicha witch") - performance made by "Nasze Krotoszyce" Association. The performance shows tradition of Polish countryside culture and it is the local effect of HEFORE Project in Poland.
19th may 2012 – Copper Museum in Legnica
Courtly dances workshops during The Museum Night in Piastowski Castle’s court, in cooperation with “Copper Museum” in Legnica. This event was inspired by old dances workshop in Belgium meeting. We are preparing pedagogical cards of it (there will be 4 pedagogical cards of French Branle dances.
Our workshops were a revolution during the traditional Museum Night in Legnica. Until now, the Museum has given tours and prepared presentations of workshops, which differ a lot from workshops that actively include participants. We think that this form is more interestig and satisfying. The actions are more creative and remain in memory for longer time

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hefore Day: ITALY 1 May 2012

Dear all,
just for fun I've published in this website all our activities developed during the hefore day...
Click here to enjoy it!

Best wishes
See you soon in Portual

Friday, 8 June 2012


Dans le cadre d'HEFORE MONTH, le musée Maurice Denis a organisé des ateliers pour expérimenter les fiches pédagogiques d'autres partenaires tels que le Portugal, la Lettonie, l'Estonie et l'Italie.
Les ateliers ont été menés auprès de publics scolaires, adultes en insertion et publics empêchés.

D'après la fiche pédagogique de la Lettonie," Colours in our names "

 D'après la fiche pédagogique du Portugal, " Unrolled memories " devenant le " rouleau de visite "

Vidéo sur les ateliers effectués lors du mois Hefore