Laboratorio del Cittadino Onlus (Castiglione del Lago,Italy): partner

“Laboratorio del Cittadino” (Citizen’s laboratory) is a Non Profit Organisation. The Region of Umbria is its principal area of operation, where educational activities are organised with a wide range of adults and schools, cultural institutions (such as musea, theatres,…) and local authorities of a national or/and international nature. The laboratory is a resource centre dealing with sustainable education, to encourage a changing of behaviour on the part of the population who, after gaining a better understanding of the area, can further develop awareness and ability to protect its landscape (i.e.: heritage and environment). The aims of the laboratory are the understanding and interdependence of the various factors that interact, both in the heritage and in social life, undertaking projects in which the principle of overlapping disciplines applies, rebuilding a system of values such as active citizenship and social interaction (taking part and social responsibility, concepts that are undergoing substantial change and are of real value in the control of complex situations and conflicts).
The role of the “Laboratorio” in the project is to share with all partners its interdisciplinary method and good practices which contribute to include in Umbria, socially and economically excluded people. In fact, the “Laboratorio” organises training awareness courses focusing on the relationships between “science, art, technology and society” employing people working in a diverse range of specialist areas. The contribution of the social and natural sciences is fundamental in ensuring a focus on the process of overall sustainability in development, promoting a strong collective understanding and involving unprivileged people of every age, different social, cultural and economical background and with different abilities.
Together with this target people, teaching gardens, nature museums and nature trails are planned and executed. For more information please visit our web site: