Aknīstes novadpētniecības muzejs, Aknīstes novada dome (LATVIA): partner

Akniste Local History museum is doing a good job in preserving the traditional values of the rural town Akniste and the  very special area it belongs to called Selija that stretches along both sides of the Latvian-Lithuanian boarder. The museum has a 10-year-old history and it has become an important centre of our cultural heritage with a rich collection of exhibits and people`s memories. The local people are eager to donate their historical things to the museum. The museum holds folk activities, crafts workshops, exhibitions and offers educational programs on topics of Selian traditions. Akniste secondary school students are involved in the scientific research work carried out at the museum.
The present project is a new challenge to share the acquired experience and to obtain new skills, in particular – how to  address those local people who are at risk of social exclusion – unemployed and lonely elderly people.